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Phil Cooke: Media Consultant, Speaker, Author

Known internationally, Phil Cooke counsels churches, ministries and nonprofits.

There Is No Shortcut Back Into Ministry After a Moral Failure

Phil Cooke: "Never fall for the deception that your past sin makes you more effective as a Christian leader."

Is Hollywood Anti-Christian?

Phil Cooke: "To make a blanket statement that Hollywood is the enemy is a big mistake."

5 Things Megachurches Get Right

Phil Cooke: "Size doesn’t make for bad experiences—people do. And I have yet to find a church without people."

6 Ways to Lead During Times of Chaos

Phil Cooke: "When everything breaks loose, what’s the best approach for righting the ship?"

5 ‘Secular’ Habits Christians Need to Learn

Phil Cooke: "One of the big reasons we’re losing our voice in today’s culture is that we don’t understand these critical habits."