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The Messy Beauty of the First Christmas Tree

Throughout the Scriptures we find attempt after attempt to stop the Messiah’s arrival.

Incarnation: The Biology of Christmas

From the Archives: The virgin birth contradicts the laws of science. But our faith rests on the miracle of the incarnation.

Why Christmas Is Rough on Pastors

11 good reasons to pray for your pastors during this season

Being an Outreach-Focused Church During Christmas

Many churches say they're focused on reaching the unreached, but often they're just reaching the already convinced.

2 Keys for Christmas Outreach

Christmas is a gift-wrapped evangelistic opportunity.

Rediscovering the Joy of Christmas

Contemplate the wonder of the incarnation.

Christmas in the Park With Our Homeless Friends

Each year we host an enormous Christmas celebration in the park that has showed us how much people want to serve.

The True Hope of Christmas

We await a future hope that outweighs any childlike wonder of yesteryear or pain at someone's loss.

12 of My Favorite Christmas Quotes

These quotes from pastors and theologians capture the weight and beauty of the Incarnation for me.

Christmas Brings Hope for the Hopeless

Christ's birth brings the promise of the peace that we so often lack in our lives.