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Albert Tate: ‘Don’t Buy the Fake News of the World’

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In this episode of “Conversing,” a podcast presented by FULLER studio, Pastor Albert Tate reflects on navigating the complexities of pastoral ministry. He and Dr. Labberton discuss personality-driven preaching, supporting younger voices in the pulpit, humility, an unexpected lesson from Pope Francis, and more.

Albert Tate is the founder and lead pastor of Fellowship Monrovia, a multiethnic intergenerational church in Monrovia, California. He speaks widely on diversity in the church, intergenerational ministry, and more, and he serves on the Board of Trustees at Fuller Youth Institute.

This podcast episode is presented by FULLER studio, a site offering resources—videos, podcasts, reflections, stories—for all who seek deeply formed spiritual lives. More resources for a deeply formed spiritual life can be found on

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