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Mother’s Day … At a Pregnancy Center Near You

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Three ways you can support one of the U.S.’s 2,500 crisis pregnancy centers for Mother’s Day.

There are an estimated 2,500 crisis pregnancy centers across the United States. Find the nearest one and shower the women there with love and compassion.

1. Pray. On Mother’s Day, pray specifically for the center closest to you—the volunteers, staff, medical team and especially the mothers and their babies.

2. Do a baby bottle campaign. Pass out baby bottles. Encourage individuals and families to fill the bottles with change and then bring them back in a few weeks on a designated Sunday. The campaign can begin or culminate on Mother’s Day.

3. Make care packages for the moms who will visit the center in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Include a devotional, scented lotion or hand soap, chocolates and a card including your church’s information, an invitation to services and a note letting them know they will be prayed for on Mother’s Day. Deliver the packages to the center for staff to pass out.

One Step Further …
Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, began a crisis pregnancy ministry in 1991. The ministry is now its own nonprofit providing free and confidential guidance, pregnancy tests, early pregnancy sonograms, educational classes and post-abortion support groups.

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