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Life Church Green Bay: No. 2 Fastest-Growing Church, 2016

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“We are all about Jesus! Everything comes back to him, and we provide an opportunity during every gathering for people to start what we call their ‘Jesus journey,’” says Life Church Green Bay‘s senior pastor, Shawn Hennessy. “It’s very common for us to see 30 to 40 people give their lives to Jesus every Sunday. We had more than 1,200 salvations last year, and our growth has been 90 percent new believers.”

The church funds a major initiative, a local nonprofit called Eye Heart World, which raises awareness to help stop human trafficking. They are in the process of opening a rescue home for trafficking victims, which will be the only one in the state of Wisconsin.

“When we started the church, few people had a sense of civic pride outside of the Green Bay Packers—but about three years ago we started making a big deal about being from ‘the 920’ [area code] and it’s caught on. People are now really excited about being from

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De Pere, Wisconsin
Senior Pastor: Shawn Hennessy
Website: LifeChurchGreenBay.com
Twitter: @ShawnHennessy@GreenBayChurch
Facebook: /LifeChurchGB
Founded: 2008
Affiliation: Nondenominational
Locations: 4
Attendance: 2,267
Growth in 2014: +1,210 (115%)
Fastest Growing: 2