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5 Spring Break Ideas for Youth Ministries

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Five activities for each of the weekdays during spring break to keep your teens connected and active.

For the teens in your community who won’t be going on vacation during spring break, plan an activity every day of the week. Use the time to connect, serve and have fun.

Monday: Broomball Tournament

Head to the ice indoors or outdoors, depending on where you live, with brooms and a ball. End with a pizza party and devotion.

Tuesday: Service Day

Contact your local homeless shelter, food pantry, nursing home—the options are endless. Ask how you can serve. Depending on how large your group is, send teams to various locations and then come back together and share stories from the day.

Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt

Hit the mall for an afternoon scavenger hunt. Then grab dinner together as a group. Call the mall beforehand to let them know what you’re planning.

Thursday: Fundraise and Babysit

Offer babysitting for an afternoon. Parents can drop off their younger children for a few hours. Teens can play games with the children, do crafts, sing songs, etc. Be sure to also have plenty of adult volunteers who have had background checks. Take donations for upcoming mission trips or youth ministry activities.

Friday: Special Visits

Visit with the residents at your nearest nursing home. Or visit friends who may be sick at home or in the hospital.

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