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Try This: Open a Booth at Your State or County Fair

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The benefits of setting up shop at your county or state fair are numerous—from name recognition to evangelism. Your church’s volunteers also get a chance to connect with people they may not otherwise cross paths with and have the opportunity to share their stories.

Here are few ideas on what to do at your booth:

  • Paint kids’ faces and give them balloons.
  • Provide a full meal (grilled hamburgers/hot dogs) or a snack (popcorn, ice cream, etc.) along with coffee, water and lemonade.
  • Have your church info—website, Facebook, Twitter, service times and upcoming events—printed on a convenient card to hand out.
  • Offer to pray, if appropriate.
  • Set up a funny backdrop and provide silly props and costumes, then take digital photos. Get people’s emails and send them copies of the photo along with a thanks-for-stopping-by note.

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