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Idea: 3 Ways to Use Apps

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Use apps to grow your church and retain members.

If your church has a mobile device app, connect with your app users through push notifications—small, instant “pop ups” (often accompanied by a sound or icon) that don’t require users to open the application. What to “push”? Upcoming event reminders or details, prayer requests, Bible verses, etc.

Ask and Listen
The Jesus People Church in Memphis, Tenn., is now using a mobile app to gain feedback on how to enhance their ministry. Members and visitors alike are encouraged to make anonymous comments and suggestions via their phone (or online). The church’s first action item based on feedback? Provide more activities for the community’s young people.

Members can send your church’s app to friends and neighbors using a “Tell a Friend” feature. Then those being invited to church have all the necessary info—services, directions, etc.—at their fingertips. Be sure to educate your members on how to do this. 


This article originally appeared in the September/October 2013 issue of Outreach magazine.

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