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Empowering Volunteers, Gateway to Growth

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How Gateway Church volunteers play a critical role in helping guests take next steps

What happens after the call?

Through Pathway—our management software—volunteers send them an email with content that we’ve already filled in. They’ll put their name on it, their own greeting and salutation, and it’ll go out to the person. And that’s been very successful for us. That the volunteer makes the invitation to the next step is really, really big—a volunteer actually connecting with a guest.

How do you recognize and thank your volunteers for doing this connecting?

Once a year, we have a big blowout party. Last year, we had the Dallas Symphony Orchestra come and perform. One year we hosted a County Fair with a 40-foot Ferris wheel, roller coasters, fried Twinkies—all the fair stuff. That’s just one way we try to show that we value them.

Southlake, Texas
Website: GatewayPeople.com
Pastor: Robert Morris
Founded: 2000
Affiliation: Nondenominational
Locations: 5

Attendance: 21,403
No. 24 Fastest-Growing
No. 8 Largest
Growth in 2012: +3,348 (19%)