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    These resources will help you meet your administrative needs so you can be where you need to be—out in the community.

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    The married couples on your staff can flourish both in their work and marriage with a little focused attention.

  • A Time to Grieve

    “Church services must allow for laments, sadness and sorrow … It’s human to grieve.”

  • Billy Graham: The Long Shadow of Influence

    At the peak of Graham’s legacy was his driving conviction that every human being must come to a crisis point with Jesus. For 60 years, he lived it, preached it and drove it into the consciousness of evangelical America.

Outreach magazine is the gathering place of ideas, insights and stories for Christian churches focused on reaching out to their community—locally and globally—with the love of Christ. Our primary readers are pastors and church leaders, as well as laity who are passionate about outreach.

Awarded both secular and Christian recognition for excellence in content and presentation, Outreach magazine serves as a fresh stream of practical resources and tactics for pastors and volunteer leadership in all areas of outreach. It is published in print and also hosts a robust website at OutreachMagazine.com.

The magazine connects churches with the innovations, research and insights practiced in thriving churches and discussed in Outreach by authors, speakers and church leaders, like Francis Chan, Craig Groeschel, Dave Ferguson, Gabe Lyons, Rick Warren, Ravi Zacharias, Bill Hybels, Samuel Rodriguez, Andy Stanley and many others.

Special editions include The Outreach 100 annual megachurch report, featuring the country’s 100 fastest-growing churches, and Small Church America, celebrating the achievements of smaller congregations and church planting efforts. Other recurring themes highlight leadership, evangelism, resources and innovation.

Outreach magazine began publishing in January 2002 in response to church leaders across the nation who were seeking ideas and inspiration for outreach as well as a place to share the testimony of God’s work through the local church. The magazine is published bimonthly by Outreach Inc. We are a nondenominational publication adhering to traditional biblical Christianity.

The MISSION of Outreach magazine …

is to further the kingdom of God by empowering Christian churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ.

The VISION of Outreach magazine …

is to share stories of outreach, helping Christian leadership discover the ideas, innovations and resources that will equip them to advance the kingdom of God through the outreach efforts of the local church.


Kingdom Impact
“No other magazine affects the bottom-line kingdom impact of your church like Outreach. I devour each issue and always walk away with new ideas for reaching people. You simply can’t afford to not read it.”
Nelson Searcy
The Journey Church
New York, N.Y.

Cover to Cover
“With anticipation, I read each issue of Outreach cover to cover for relevant ideas and inspiration for evangelism. Outreach helps fuel my fire for reaching people for Christ.”
R. York Moore
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

A Conference in a Magazine
“A conference in a magazine! That’s the way I see Outreach magazine each time the latest issue hits my desk. Chock-full of ideas that really worked in real churches like mine, Outreach features the most effective church thinkers and doers. Grab a copy, then go reach your community and change the world.”
Chuck Warnock
Chatham Baptist Church
Chatham, Va.

An Encouragement to Keep Pressing Onward
“For any church leader who is taking the mission of Jesus seriously, there is no other resource out there that directly talks about evangelism like Outreach magazine does. It is not just evangelism theory in Outreach magazine, but it is stories and ideas from churches all across America of all sizes, shapes, denominations and approaches that we can learn from. Reading it feels like I am staying in tune with my brothers and sisters across America who are also passionate about evangelism. Every issue is an encouragement to keep pressing onward in the evangelistic mission.”
Dan Kimball
Vintage Faith Church
Santa Cruz, Calif.

The Encouragement I Need
“The first time I opened Outreach magazine, I remember thinking, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ Finally a magazine that goes beyond theory to best practices without compromising Truth. I read Outreach every month like a textbook, and it has blessed our ministry with great ideas, leadership principles and, simply put, the encouragement I need.”
Bil Cornelius
Bay Area Fellowship
Corpus Christi, Texas

Able to Better Carry Out My Job
Outreach magazine gets it. They get the local church. They get the missional lifestyle of the kingdom. They also get some of the best writers and practitioners in the church world to help me get it. Because of the years I have been reading Outreach, I am able to better carry out my job.”
Shawn Wood
Seacoast Church
Mount Pleasant, S.C.

New Ideas
“One of my fears as a leader is getting trapped in a ‘closed system.’ That’s why I read Outreach. It’s at the top of the stack. I’m always getting new ideas from the articles.”
Mark Batterson
National Community Church
Washington, D.C.

Raising Up the Church
“The greatest challenge for church leaders is raising up the church ‘out of the culture.’ I love how Outreach keeps me thinking creatively about culture and the mission of Jesus through his church.”
John Burke
Gateway Church
Austin, Texas

Outwardly Focused
Outreach magazine helps turn inwardly focused people into outwardly focused Christ-followers by consistently offering practical, doable and authentic ideas, inspired by the practitioners who are on the front lines of advancing God’s kingdom. Don’t go outreaching without this magazine.”
Doug Pollock
Athletes in Action

Ideas, Insight and Inspiration
“I count on Outreach magazine to deliver ideas, insight and inspiration—something each issue manages to do. I just have to read it when it comes.”
Chris Mavity
North Coast Church Training Network
Vista, Calif.

Spurs Creativity
Outreach magazine is an invaluable resource for our staff to stay connected to ideas that are working in churches and communities throughout the country. It spurs creativity and challenges us constantly.”
Jenni Catron
Cross Point Church
Nashville, Tenn.

Reaching the World by Serving Others
“Everywhere Jesus went, he set an example for us by reaching out to poor and hurting people. Outreach magazine gives great conversation on how we as the church can be most effective in reaching the world by serving others Jesus-style.”
Dan Ohlerking
Healing Place Church
Baton Rouge, La.

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