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JanFeb 2008 Outreach

Jan/Feb 2008
America’s Most Innovative Churches

Innovation in outreach; jumpstarting creative thinking; Internet evangelism; the neglected resource of prayer; the thrill of mission; renewal in New Orleans, . The Outreach Interview: Eugene Cho


MarApril 2008 Outreach

March/April 2008
Is Anyone Getting Saved?

The state of evangelism in America; reaching your neighbor; attractional vs. missional churches; the 21st century child; the Artist behind your life. The Outreach Interview: Ravi Zacharias

MayJune 08 Outreach

May/June 2008
Resources of the Year
The best books and media in evangelism, global outreach and more; multisite update; Mark Mittelberg on choosing religion, . The Outreach Interview: J.John

JulyAug 08 Outreach

July/Aug 2008
Outreach and the Arts
How churches are using the arts; Mars Hill Seattle reaches to the heart of the city; outreach to the gay community. The Outreach Interview: Kay Warren

SeptOct 08 Outreach

Sept/Oct 2008
Marriage, job loss, parenting, divorce and grief; open letter to seekers; skate park ministry; prison ministry. The Outreach Interview: Erwin McManus

Outreach 100 08

The 2008 Outreach 100

America’s Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches
11 leading pastors: what they’ve learned; strategies for retention; becoming the church no one wants to leave. The Outreach Interview: Steven Furtick
NovDec 08 Outreach

Nov/Dec 2008
Poverty and Outreach
Is your church ready to respond to “the least of these”? York Moore: the gospel with and without words; the scandal of biblical illiteracy. The Outreach Interview: Francis Chan

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