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Nov/Dec 09: The Unchurched

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3 Perspectives on Ministry: Dan Kimball, Eric Bryant, Randy Frazee

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    Inside the Sept/Oct 2018 Issue Evangelism, Naturally “If you don’t have any friends who disagree with you, you are putting yourself in danger,” Ed Stetzer writes, encouraging intentional engagement. “Have you built a relationship with someone from a different political party, a different race, different ethnicity, different views on major issues in our culture? If […]

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    How do we as Christians resist injustice when doing so could threaten our ability to do ministry where God has called us?

  • Seeing God

    Hans Boersma: The Beatific Vision in Christian Tradition

What can we learn from those who don’t think the way we do—those who don’t yet share our beliefs? A lot. In this issue, three leading pastors give perspective on the experience of those outside the Church, and those who have only recently believed. Real stories of real relationships..


In This Issue


Inside the Mind of the Unchurched

3 Perspectives: Dan Kimball, Eric Bryant, Randy Frazee



What the Unchurched Are Saying to Us


And You Visited Me

The Invitation and Impact of Prison Ministry


Miles McPherson

How The Rock Got Its Foundation

The Outreach Interview


Ideas: Ministering to the Military


VBS with Limited Space and Budget


7 Ways to Improve Your Church Web Site


Best Practices for Church Planting Residency Programs


Ed Stetzer

“What people who don’t go to church really need is a relationship with the One who died for the Church”


Marlon Halll

“I want to see what God can do through my efforts to be a human being.”


John Burke

“What if we changed our approach to evangelism so that it mirrored the pattern Jesus often demonstrated?”


Sam Rainer

“It’s constructive to consider our potential negative impact—it’s worse than having no impact.”


Brad Powell

“I believe that our churches have lost their fist love, and that loss is keeping us from reaching people.”


Ed Young

“Planning a big event at your church? You may have thought about the big picture, but we’ve learned that success rests in the details.”