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Nov/Dec 2010: Connection, Retention, Engagement

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When the people own the vision

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  • Tools for Outreach: Apps and Software

    These resources will help you meet your administrative needs so you can be where you need to be—out in the community.

  • How to Coach Married Couples on Staff

    The married couples on your staff can flourish both in their work and marriage with a little focused attention.

  • A Time to Grieve

    “Church services must allow for laments, sadness and sorrow … It’s human to grieve.”

  • Billy Graham: The Long Shadow of Influence

    At the peak of Graham’s legacy was his driving conviction that every human being must come to a crisis point with Jesus. For 60 years, he lived it, preached it and drove it into the consciousness of evangelical America.



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What’s Featured in the November/December 2010 Outreach?

Theme: Connection > Retention > Engagement

Owning the Vision: How growing churches are making connections with new people and leading them from being passive spectators to active participants in the mission and vision of the church.

The Indispenable Element: Will Mancini on how focusing on a unique, God-given vision creates a deeper connection to your church and its mission.

The Church Connection: 5 pastors discuss how to lead new people to active engagement.

It’s in the Details: 8 guest experience pitfalls.

Connection > Retention > Engagement

What “They” Said: Church attendees know something many leaders miss: True engagement hinges on personal relationship at each step. Results from new research conducted by Leadership Network.

The Outreach Interview: Bill Hybels. As Willow Creek Community Church celebrates its 35th anniversary, its founder and lead pastor reflects on the whisper of divine leadership.



PulseOUTREACH TODAY: More Than Music; No-Cost Nuptials; Artistic Expression; Faith in Action; Church and Politics; Life-Changing Water; Spiritual Goooooal! Lunch Buddies; Trial to Triumph; Cattle Call; A Second Family; Sewing Kindness; Homeless Advocacy; and more.

IdeasFOR ANY CHURCH, ANY SIZE: Small Groups for Newcomers; Creativity with Ed Young; Seasonal Idea Starters; Cancer C.A.R.E.; Neighbor Evangelism; Men’s Breakfast Recipe for Success; Cultivating Cultures; New Life in Idaho; Missional Imagination; and more.

VoicesHOW DO THOSE OUTSIDE THE CHURCH VIEW FAITH? My Life, So Far: Christopher Hitchens, author and commentator; Mystery Visitor: An unbeliever reports on an unannounced visit to a local church. Could it be yours? The Question on the Street: Is there a heaven? What’s it like?





Ed StetzerEd Stetzer As I See It

As president and missiologist-in-residence for LifeWay Research, Ed Stetzer is in a unique position to observe the American church and comment on trends in outreach. More »


Dan KimballDan Kimball Church on Mission

Pastor and author Dan Kimball gives us a look at emerging generations and offers his thoughts on outreach and evangelism in a new world. More »



Dave GibbonsDave Gibbons Global Perspective

As the founding pastor of multicultural and multiethnic Newsong Church, Dave Gibbons seeks to remind the church of its mandate to reach the nations, beginning at “the fringe.” More »


Brad PowellBrad Powell Leading Change

Pastor and author Brad Powell offers his experience and insights to help churches realize their full potential and guide pastors through all types of church transitions. More »


Mark DeYmazMark DeYmaz Ethnic Blends

Pastor and author Mark DeYmaz urges churches to embrace multiethnic ministry not just for the sake of racial reconciliation, but because that is what the church is called to be. More »



Bobby GruenewaldBobby Gruenewald Innovate pastor, innovation leader Bobby Gruenewald scans the cultural horizon and calls the church to a creative and relevant response.




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