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3 Ways to Honor Seniors

Plan now for strategic ways to honor and recognize older Americans and their contributions. Try these idea starters.

3 Ways to Share Tech With Seniors

Three idea starters for using technology to reach the seniors in your community.

Try This: 3 Ways to Help the Needy

Try a neighborhood "mission trip" ... and other idea starters

Try This: Jewelry, Clothes, Book Swap

Who doesn't love to shop? Help foster relationships among the women in your church with this cool idea.

Adopt Local Businesses

Give a token of thanks to the employees of local businesses.

Try This: Care for College Students During Easter

“Adopt” students who aren’t able to go home for the holiday and celebrate with them.

Try This: Visit Nursing Homes and Prisons During Easter

Take Easter to those who can’t come to church.

Try This: Host a Community Yard Sale for Charity

Raise money for a charity and get to know the people in your community.

Try This: Start a DivorceCare for Kids Program

Give kids the emotional support they need to cope with their parents' divorce.

Try This: Purchase Testing Materials for College Students

An easy, practical way to serve college students and invite them to visit your church.