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Perry Noble on ‘The Most Excellent Way to Lead’

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Perry Noble: Discover the Heart of Great Leadership

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In our Conversations series, we highlight six authors and the key ideas behind their new books.

The Most Excellent Way to Lead: Discover the Heart of Great Leadership
by Perry Noble (Tyndale, 2016)

Key Idea: “One of the things I’ve wrestled through as a leader for the past 25 years is how to practically lead people. I’ve tried just about everything that everyone has said in regards to leading through vision, learning personality types and a host of other things, as well. However, the longer I’m on this journey the more I’m understanding that long-term (effective) leadership isn’t as much about what a person is saying, but rather who they are becoming. Leading people through love is a way to make sure that people are not being driven by my goals for them, but rather making sure I do whatever it takes to understand their heart and set them up for a win.”

Why Church Leaders Should Read This Book: “One of the main things the book does is, instead of you evaluating your team, you have to evaluate yourself. The person that is most difficult to lead is the person you saw in the mirror this morning. And, learning the right mentality behind leading people is essential to doing it successfully for the long term.”

About the Author: Perry Noble is the author of Overwhelmed: Winning the War Against Worry (Tyndale, 2014) and Unleash! Breaking Free from Normalcy (Tyndale, 2012).

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