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Tools for Outreach: Ministry Consulting

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Whatever the size of your church, there is a wealth of expert consulting services to fit your needs.

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“Raise your visibility before a skeptical world,” says Bob Whitesel, founding professor of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and founder of “Where do you need ‘breakthrough’ clarity?” asks Auxano, a consulting film that specializes in helping churches frame a compelling vision. Are you equipped with the right tools, insight and knowledge to take your church to the next level? Whatever the size of your church, there is a wealth of expert consulting services to fit your needs―from breaking stubborn attendance barriers to staffing your church effectively.

The A Group: Consults with churches, ministries and organizations on their marketing, communication and technology needs.

Auxano: Provides a “vision-framing process” to help churches develop actionable plans for articulating, planning and integrating vision into their culture. Additional consulting is available for resourcing, leadership, execution, communication and discipleship. Helps you pursue church health and growth through six customizable consultations, including one- and two-year tracks.

The Hardy Group: A church consulting ministry designed to help churches grow, with consultants providing resources and coaching to help pastors take their church to a new level.

McIntosh Church Growth Network: A wide range of professional consulting services for churches with specialties in church analysis, strategic planning, staffing, breaking size barriers, coaching of church planters and generational change issues.

MissionLab: Plans custom mission trips for church groups of all sizes and ages to New Orleans.

MultiSite Solutions: Helps churches develop and implement customized multisite strategies. Consulting and coaching for church mergers and multisite ministry.

Slingshot Group: Partners with churches to find key staff members. Services include coaching using the IMPROVleadership model.

The Unstuck Group: Helps churches grow their impact and focus their vision, strategy and action. Consulting and coaching services include assessment, training and communications strategy.

Vanderbloemen Search Group: An executive search firm for churches and ministries helping churches find key staff. Also provides staff consulting, succession planning and compensation analysis.

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