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College Ministry: Understanding the Millennial ‘Hook-Up’ Culture

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Bryan Sands, director of campus ministries at Hope International University in Fullerton, California, and author of Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait? A Discussion in Sexual Faithfulness, led a six-session small-group study based on the book. In the video below, Bryan and several students discuss the dating scene for American college students—including the culture of “hooking up”—and how Christians can be faithful to Christ in the midst of temptation.

You can access all six videos for free by purchasing eight or more copies of Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait? for your ministry. Simply email the receipt to Bryan Sands at [email protected], and he will send you the link and password to view and download the videos. For more information, go to

Here is an overview of the curriculum series:

Session 1
“The Power of Sex”

Session 2
“Hooking Up”

Session 3
“Authentic Freedom”

Session 4
“A Meaningful Community”

Session 5
“Human Trafficking Is All Around Us”

Session 6
“There’s Always Redemption!”

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