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Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life

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Michael Lundy: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter

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Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life
Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter (Crossway, 2018)

WHO: Michael Lundy, a practicing physician, board certified in adult and child psychiatry.

HE SAYS: “Baxter understands and explains cause and effect, distinguishes primary conditions from secondary complications, and is seemingly at home with a degree of complexity that might overwhelm many of us in the twenty-first century.”

THE BIG IDEA: Exploring the counsel offered by Puritan pastor Richard Baxter, this book explores Baxter’s writings in order to inform and enlarge the perspective of both laity and clergy, patients and their families, and professionals, and to comfort and strengthen all who deal with depression.

Part 1, “Introducing Richard Baxter,” is written by Lundy and J.I. Packer. It presents Baxter as a spiritual physician as well as offers a retrospective and perspective on the man and his writings.
In Part 2, “Baxter’s Counsel on Depression,” includes Baxter’s writings “Advice to Depressed and Anxious Christians” and “The Resolution of Depression and Overwhelming Grief Through Faith.”

“See to the condition of your own soul, and consult with your own pastor and your own physician, and apply their advice as appropriate.”

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