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Jud Wilhite: God's Divine Obsession With You

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Pursued: God’s Divine Obsession With You
By Jud Wilhite (FaithWords)

Grace is a fundamental truth for followers of Christ, yet it can take a lifetime to come to a halfway-complete understanding of it. At first I thought Pursued was just another grace book, but it comes together in a much more concrete way that those I’ve read in the past. Wilhite has a gift for making some otherwise overwhelming (for the new believer) concepts come to life through interesting, page-turning narrative. By interweaving stories of real people, his own experience and framing it all in biblical truth, Wilhite is able to give a new Christian some good understanding of this whole grace thing, but even more than that, he will leave them wanting to explore faith even deeper. —Vince Marotte, from the March/April 2014 issue of Outreach magazine

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