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The Karma of Jesus

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Mark Herringshaw: Do We Really Reap What We Sow?

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The Karma of Jesus:
Do We Really Reap What We Sow?
By Mark Herringshaw (Bethany House)
A 2010 Outreach Resource of the Year

“The nature of total forgiveness seems to be wrapped in total forgetfulness. God forgets … . This deliberate forgetfulness had a cost. God buried the toxins of all time deep inside the heart of Jesus, His son, who takes the waste products to hell itself—to a place somehow and somewhere out of the universe, where it disappears into the infinity of His goodness. The heart of Jesus is that wasteland where God seems to remove from history all the crimes, small and great. His forgiveness doesn’t change facts; it reassigns responsibility for them—from me and you to Jesus.” Mark Herringshaw, from the book

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