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Teenagers Matter

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Mark Cannister: Making Student Ministry a Priority in the Church

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Teenagers Matter: Making Student Ministry a Priority in the Church
By Mark Cannister (Baker Academic)

In this detailed and well-organized book, Mark Cannister, along with series editor Chap Clark, examines why teenagers are central to the life of the church and to its growth. Cannister also talks about the importance of parental involvement to successful student ministry. This book is a great resource for youth ministry leaders/pastors and even senior pastors who want to learn more about providing effective and impactful student ministry. Another of the book’s strong suits is the level of research and variety of voices that went into writing it. Cannister supports his arguments with results of different studies, comments from local youth pastors and insights and data from trusted voices in youth ministry. —Russell St. Bernard, from the March/April 2014 issue of Outreach magazine

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