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58: The Film

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58: THE FILM Trailer from LIVE58NOW on Vimeo.

58: The Film
Distributed by Compassion International with Different Drummer
Produced and Directed by Tony Neeves and Tim Neeves
Premieres Oct. 15 in select theaters, on television, online and at special church events

Exploring the reality of extreme poverty around the world and what the church can do to end it, 58: The Film takes viewers on a global journey. The film shares stories of hardship in rural Ethiopia, ganglands in Brazil and enslaving quarries in India. It also relates the experience of a British Christian’s transformation from consumer to giver; a Georgia business committed to fair trade products that also donates part of its profits to help others; and Christians from impoverished, hopeless communities who are working hard to transform them today. The film is part of the 58: Initiative, which gets its name from Isaiah 58.

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