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Citylife Church
Tampa, FL
Senior PastorTony Stewart
AffiliationChurch of God - Cleveland
Growth by #870
Growth By %40%
Fastest Growing#7

We are a vibrant, multicultural, spirit-filled, family church, placed in the heart of Tampa Bay to reach people where they are, restore the broken and release people into purpose. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance and forgiveness where people can pursue an encounter with God. We are known for our dynamic worship experience, practical life teaching, loving atmosphere and generosity to others.

We believe we have been called to love God and love people. These 10 values enable that vision to become a reality: unity, honor, diversity, excellence, passion, atmosphere, relationship, faithfulness, creativity and generosity.

Our Sunday morning services are designed to help you connect with God. It's where teaching, worship, music and the arts come together to bring life and faith into a clearer focus. Our passion is our community and our neighbors, meeting needs wherever and whenever we can, connecting people to God and to each other.

Citylife Church: No. 7 Fastest-Growing Church, 2016

By Outreach Magazine

Citylife’s mission is to become smaller as they grow larger, to be a place where people count and every life matters.

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