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Beltway Park Church
Abilene, TX
Senior PastorDavid McQueen
AffiliationBaptist - Southern Baptist
Growth by #966
Growth By %25%
Fastest Growing#15

We often say around here that there is really only one church in Abilene, and really, there′s only one church in the whole world. We just get to be one little piece of the puzzle joining millions of other churches around the globe.

Beltway Park Baptist Church began as a vision of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. The first congregants were mostly Pioneer Drive members who had volunteered to help start the new project to share God′s love with what was anticipated to be a growing population of people who lived in south Abilene. On August 11, 1985, a little over 300 people attended the first service. That Sunday nearly 70 persons joined the new church family. Since then the mission of the people of Beltway Park Church is to share the love of God with the unchurched and lost people of the Abilene area and the world in such a way that they have the best opportunity to become fully developing followers of Christ.

Learning, Launching and Loving: Beltway Park Church

By Christy Heitger-Ewing

Beltway Park Church Learns From Mistakes; Grows

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