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Action Church
Winter Springs, FL
Senior PastorJustin Dailey
Growth by #553
Growth By %75%
Fastest Growing#19

Action Church is a nondenominational church founded in 2014 by Pastor Justin Dailey and his wife Stefanie, through the Association of Related Churches in 2014. We are located in Winter Springs, Florida with a second location in Oviedo, Florida. With dreams to reach the greater Orlando area with the love of Jesus, Action Church has been a place for people to call home, and a place where anyone from any background can feel comfortable and loved.

We exist to reach people where they are and connect them to everything God has for their lives. We make it hard for people to go to hell by making it fun to go to church. We are encouragers. We are generous. We will do anything short of sin to reach lost people. Jesus had a "whatever it takes" mindset. We believe meeting people where they are is the best way to introduce them to Jesus.

No Strings Attached: Action Church

By Christy Heitger-Ewing

No. 19 Fastest-Growing: Love Is Shown, Not Just Preached at Action Church in Florida

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Taking Action to Connect: Action Church in Florida

By Heather Schnese

Pastor Justin Dailey talks about how to start conversations while showing love.

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