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Park Valley Church
Haymarket, VA
Senior PastorBarry White
Growth by #586
Growth By %33%
Fastest Growing#22

In 2003, Barry and Christine felt the call to return to the Northern Virginia area to start Park Valley Church. Since its conception, we have expanded to three different campuses. It is our desire to champion the cause of the local and global church and see lives changed. We want to see future generations of young people rise up to fulfill their purpose in Christ and to stand boldly as a light of hope in a dark world.   

Our Growth Track classes teach members what it looks like to follow Jesus and gives them the tools for each step of their journey. Growth Track is not a development process; it's a decision process.

Persuading Through Love: Park Valley Church

By Christy Heitger-Ewing

No. 22 Fastest-Growing: Love Is the Formula for Growth at Park Valley Church in Virginia

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