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Embrace Church
Sioux Falls, SD
Senior PastorAdam Weber
AffiliationMethodist - United Methodist
Growth by #545
Growth By %26%
Fastest Growing#28

It is our hope that through each other, worship, the Word, prayer and serving that we would find ourselves in the presence of our Father.

Embrace is a home where one can be transparent and know that regardless of who they are or where they′ve been, they have a seat around the table with the Lord.

We are seeing people come to know the Lord and God is changing lives. People are getting connected with others and growing deeper in their walk with the Lord. Our hope is to truly encounter God in a new and fresh way.

Talking With God: Saying Yes to His Call

By Adam Weber

"We’re right where we need to be in order to be used by God. All we have to do is say yes."

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Talking With God: Stepping Out Beyond Our Inadequacy

By Adam Weber

"When God does the impossible through average people, we clearly know it’s all God. It’s because of his abilities, not ours."

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Talking With God: Overcoming Exhaustion in Ministry

By Adam Weber

"I had pushed and pushed for years; my life, my words, actions, relationships and even my soul showed it."

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