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Lifegate Church
Omaha, NE
Senior PastorLes Beauchamp
Growth by #611
Growth By %24%
Fastest Growing#30

We have an endless passion: to invite people everywhere to discover life and give life in Jesus. This is our heartbeat; this unifies our community and motivates us to do whatever it takes and go wherever God leads. At Lifegate, we believe we are called to be living "Lifegates" through which Jesus' love and life flow freely from us to everyone we meet, everywhere he leads us.

We help people discover Jesus in a real, relational way and not in a religious ritualistic way so often associated with any religion. In discovering Jesus as our Savior and our loving Lord, we embark on a journey to live a spiritually abundant life in his Kingdom. This is orchestrated and empowered by his Spirit living in us.

God's Faithfulness: Lifegate Church

By Anita K. Palmer

No. 30 Fastest-Growing: Lifegate Church in Nebraska Overcomes Church Split, Finds New Unity

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