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TrueNorth Church
North Augusta, SC
Senior PastorSteve Davis
AffiliationBaptist - Southern Baptist
Growth by #458
Growth By %26%
Fastest Growing#42

TrueNorth Church exists to lead people into a passionate relationship with Jesus. Whether you have never had a relationship with Jesus or are already a follower of Jesus, our desire is to help you find your next steps in your spiritual journey.

We value people and believe that everyone matters to God. We value truth and believe that everyone needs direction. We value growth and believe that everyone has a next step. We value relationships and believe that everyone needs community. We value serving and believe that everyone has a role.

Fostering Volunteer Pride: TrueNorth Church in South Carolina

By Heather Schnese

Pastors Gene Jennings and Shane Williams discuss tapping into the desire to be part of something bigger.

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