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Church on the Rock
Lubbock, TX
Senior PastorJackie White
Growth by #478
Growth By %25%
Fastest Growing#44

We recognize that God has a specific plan and purpose for each person′s life. Our broad scope and variety of ministries are simply a refection of our heart to help people of all economic, social and ethnic backgrounds in the Lubbock area and around the world.

Our mission is fourfold. We strive to provide the opportunities, the relationships, the healing and the resources and support to impact our community and the world. Our mission consists of these four objectives: Reaching people in our neighborhoods, city, region and world with the message of reconciliation. Relating people to the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ, and to one another, his body. Restoring people′s lives in the area of image and authority, vision and hope, and faith for daily living. Releasing people of God to serve, lead, and minister with the gifts the Lord has invested in their lives. All of our ministries have a foundation in one or more of these four God-centered objectives.

Jackie White: Beyond the Pulpit, Outside the Walls

By Jackie White

"We do a poor job representing Christ when all we do is preach."

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