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Venue Church
Chattanooga, TN
Senior PastorTavner Smith
Growth by #362
Growth By %34%
Fastest Growing#47

We exist to see people live their fullest lives. Every single day we have stories that pour in about life change happening to people at our church; marriages that are being restored and relationships that are being healed. God really is changing and touching the lives of people every single day. We consider what′s happening a movement and a family. There is something special in the atmosphere here, there is something special when you get around the people here to worship God. We would love to lead you step by step into your fullest life, to do everything God created you to do. We believe that God has the best in store for you.

God has an amazing purpose for your life. He wants you to be involved in community. We serve like crazy and are radically obedient. We give until it hurts, honor everyone and strive for excellence. We pray until something happens, and know the truth will set you free.

A Jesus Greeting: Venue Church

By Christy Heitger-Ewing

Venue Church Values Community Visibility and Compassion

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