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Northeast Christian Church
Louisville, KY
Senior PastorTyler McKenzie
AffiliationChristian - Independent Christian Churches
Growth by #538
Growth By %20%
Fastest Growing#49

One of the things we have noticed is that people often begin their search for a church during transitions in life—the birth of a child, moving to a new town, getting married or even during or right after a crisis. If you are currently in one those transitions, we hope that you see that Northeast is a church of people who can meet you in that transition, help you move forward in a positive way and help you discover the life that God has promised for you!

Northeast offers four identical services every weekend, across two campuses, packed with relevant teaching that helps you live life in the 21st century. Our services are designed so that anyone can enjoy them, with performing arts and messages that make sense even if you've never been in church before. 

An Irresistible Unity: Northeast Christian Church

By Gail Allyn Short

No. 49 Fastest-Growing: Northeast Christian Church in Kentucky Focuses on Church Unity and Church Health

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