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Christ's Church Camden
Kingsland, GA
Senior PastorScott Clevenger
AffiliationChristian - Independent Christian Churches
Growth by #359
Growth By %33%
Fastest Growing#52

In 2008, eight people had a dream to plant a different kind of church in Camden County, Georgia. They were met with all kinds of caution and doubt, yet they pressed forward. What began as a campus of Christ's Church Mandarin quickly exploded into its own church plant, and in January of 2009, Christ's Church Camden became a fully independent Christian community of believers.

What began with only eight people quickly grew. 2009 saw and average weekly attendance of over 100.  2010 averaged over 250.  Now, Christ's Church Camden runs well over 1,200 each week. Our mission is clear: to be a multiethnic, multigenerational church that exists to win, build and send servants for Jesus Christ.