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Discovery Church Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO
Senior PastorGreg Lindsey
Growth by #353
Growth By %23%
Fastest Growing#75

We exist to change the way people think when they hear the word "Christian." We realize that it is so much bigger than us, but it is also what God has called us to. The idea is this. By the way that we live, love, serve, give, speak and do church, the world around us will begin to think differently when they hear the word Christian.

Every church wants to help people discover Jesus and live on mission. We do too. We also want to help people discover their story. It is about so much more than the mistakes that we have made and the things that we have done. It′s about what′s been said to us, about us and been done to us. Jesus came to deal with our sin and walk into our stories. It′s about more than forgiveness, it′s about healing, restoration, redemption hope, life and freedom ... eternal life and life to the fullest now. We are on mission to help everyone that we can to experience all of that.

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