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Grace Church of Greater Akron
Akron, OH
Senior PastorJeff Bogue
AffiliationGrace Brethren
Growth by #603
Growth By %13%
Fastest Growing#76

At Grace Church, we think the story of Jesus is the single most life-changing thing we can share with you. We want to be people who know it, live it and give it away. What is "it"? "It" is the gospel … the story of Jesus. As we pursue our relationship with Christ, we want to know him, live like him and give our lives away like he did.

Our weekend services provide a casual atmosphere, friendly people, inspiring music, a variety of creative arts and messages designed to integrate into daily life. We unapologetically devote major resources and energy to our kids and students. All of our weekend service programs for kids are engaging, safe, age-appropriate and fun.

One Individual at a Time: Grace Church of Greater Akron

By Christy Heitger-Ewing

No. 80 Fastest-Growing: Grace Church of Greater Akron in Ohio Embraces a Heart for Evangelism

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