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Preston Trail Community Church
Frisco, TX
Senior PastorPaul Basden, Jim Johnson
Growth by #438
Growth By %15%
Fastest Growing#83

Preston Trail is a welcoming church with a passion for our mission: helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. Our DNA reveals why we exist, who we are, what we do to accomplish our mission and how we measure our progress.

At Preston Trail, we have a very clear understanding of who we are as a church. This clarity comes from an awareness of our mission (what we're supposed to be doing), our values (the shared convictions that guide our decisions and reveal our strengths), our strategy (what we do to accomplish our mission) and our measures (how we know when we're successful). The desired result in all of these is that the mission of Jesus would become the mission of our lives.

Simple, Quick Onramps: Preston Trail Community Church

By Heather Schnese

Serve and Engage Pastor Brandon Boyd is ready on the spot when people want to join Preston Trail’s family.

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