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Broken Arrow, OK
Senior PastorAlex Himaya
AffiliationBaptist - Southern Baptist
Growth by #485
Growth By %12%
Fastest Growing#96

We want to be the type of people who are engaged in our local culture while still reaching out to the rest of the world.

Our real mission is to glorify God by helping all people, all ages, all the time take their next step with Jesus. This is not just a slogan on our wall. We have measured our success by that standard from the beginning. We are merely trying to find the next thing that God is involved in and joining him in his work there. If we ever stop hearing stories of lives being changed, we guarantee we will stop what we are doing and regroup, no matter how many people are attending.

Outreach … And Grace:

By Jennifer Kabbany

Scott Kingsbury, creative director: "This is a place that broken people come to and know they won't be judged, know it’s a safe place, a place of restoration."

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