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Watermark Community Church
Dallas, TX
Senior PastorTodd Wagner
Growth by #1,230
Growth By %11%
Fastest Growing#63

Our mission is to call all people to be fully devoted followers of Christ. A fully devoted follower of Christ is someone who is growing continually in three relationships: love for God, love for believers, and love for unbelievers.

A healthy church intentionally and zealously pursues a balanced ministry. Through the power of the Holy Spirit that balanced ministry should result in new converts to Christ through the work of the ministry, new commitments to the local body and the cause of Christ, new growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ, new leaders for tomorrow's harvest for Christ.

Our measure of success is defined by our ability, through Christ to be and make disciples. Disciples are individuals who understand what it means to follow Jesus Christ into a life of worship, fellowship, sacrifice, service and yielding to the Spirit.

Church Leaders Conference (April 24-26, 2018)

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A conference for church leaders, ministers and pastors to witness what God is doing and be encouraged and challenged.

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Todd Wager: Everything You Ever Wanted in the One Place You Would Never Look

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Why You Don't Need to 'Start' Another Church

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"The divine call to 'come and see' invites us to engage wholeheartedly in everything God intends."

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Todd Wagner: 'The True Church Has Never Changed'

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Todd Wagner: "My personal walk with Christ and with God’s people is why I am not stressed."

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5 Crucial Challenges to the American Megachurch

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Warren Bird: Five unique challenges that face megachurches—and what all church leaders can learn from them.

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