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The Crossing
Quincy, IL
Senior PastorJerry Harris
AffiliationChristian - Independent Christian Churches
Growth by #745
Growth By %11%
Fastest Growing#84

The Crossing is an independent, nondenominational Christian church that seeks to follow Jesus′s method and model of intentionally making disciples. As God′s church, believers are called to function in unity as one body— each fulfilling a necessary role. Structure and authority within this community of believers is essential for the body to function properly and for individual members of the body to mature and grow.

God′s church rests upon a foundation of the lordship of Christ. Upon this foundation, God establishes leaders in the church. The responsibility of leadership is to use teaching, mentoring, modeling, shepherding and discipleship to prepare God′s people for ministry. Those being prepared do effective ministry both inside and outside the church. Growth is an inevitable result of caring and ministering to others. Unity results as the body functions together with each doing its part. This process produces mature believers living transformed lives. These mature believers are disciple-makers and the future leaders of the church. We see this process lived out with dramatic results in the first church.

Jerry Harris: 'Church Life Is Now an Alternative Lifestyle'

By Meredee Berg

"Being different from the prevailing culture is the native ground of the church, and it’s exciting to think about what God might do."

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Something Bigger Than "Us": The Crossing

By Troy Anderson

The Crossing Focuses on Serving Kids, the Community, and the World

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Jerry Harris: Broader Horizons

By Jerry Harris

“While our attendance and decision numbers are important to us, the more meaningful measurements are numbers of small group leaders, groups and apprentices.”

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