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Faith Promise Church
Knoxville, TN
Senior PastorChris Stephens
Growth by #1,242
Growth By %24%
Fastest Growing#12

Our vision is to impact the unchurched of the world for God, starting in our surrounding counties. Our purpose is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by enjoying him and partnering with him to build his church. The mission of Faith Promise Church is to lead people into experiencing and growing their relationship with God. Our strategy is to create relevant environments where people can meet with God, experience community with believers and reach their potential.

People are our priority. We believe that the lost matter more! Jesus said, "Leave the 99 and go and find the one lost sheep." His commission is clear to all Christ followers: "Make disciples of all nations …" Our focus is not buildings or programs, but people. Jesus died for people, and they are our priority. We will continue to add sites, seats and services to make it hard to go to hell from East Tennessee.

Chris Stephens: 'The Church Needs to Be the Grace Place'

By Meredee Berg

“Developing leaders takes some serious effort and time. You can’t ‘nuke’ leaders; they must be ‘Crock-Potted!’”

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Chris Stephens: 'Jesus Never Defended Tradition'

By Meredee Berg

"My greatest concern is that churches are hanging on to tradition and losing the power of the gospel."

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