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Hope Fellowship
Frisco, TX
Senior PastorJohn McKinzie
Growth by #627
Growth By %11%
Fastest Growing#86

We want people to love God with everything they have. Regardless of where they are in their walk of faith, at Hope we strive to create a safe environment for all people to express their love to God. The love of Christ is extended through relationship. We want people to build friendships and connect with others in an environment that allows everyone to be real and encouraging.

Some grow best through community and discussion while others grow through study and reflection. Both are ways that God has uniquely created people to grow. If we stop growing we stop living the kind of life that God intended us to live.

It's vital for people get plugged in where God has gifted then and to serve within the church, the community and the world. People matter to God and they matter to us. By serving in one of the many roles at Hope, everyone will make a difference in the body of Christ and will build relationships and grow spiritually.

A Place to Connect: Hope Fellowship

By Troy Anderson

A Frisco, Texas, Megachurch Keeps Up With Its Rapidly-Growing Community

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