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North Point Ministries
Alpharetta, GA
Senior PastorAndy Stanley

We were founded with the vision of creating churches that unchurched people love to attend. Since our inception, we have grown from one church to six in metro Atlanta and have developed a global network of more than 30 strategic partner churches.

Each week, more than 30,000 people attend our services. Each month, sermons and leadership messages are accessed over 1 million times via our websites.

Though our methods have evolved over the years, the mission has always been to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It's what we do, whether at our Atlanta-area churches, at one of our partnerships around the world, or through our many online and broadcast offerings.

Along the way, we are committed to equipping other church leaders who want to create churches that unchurched people love to attend by passing on what we've learned.

Clay Scroggins: Leading When You Lack Authority

By Jessica Hanewinckel

“I thought if I’d just had more authority to be able to call the shots, then I could have been a better leader. And that’s a lie.”

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Clay Scroggins: Leveraging Influence When You're Not in Charge

By Jessica Hanewinckel

"Positivity is an option for every kind of personality. Each of us can choose to see the hope and potential in every situation."

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Andy Stanley: The Agile Apologetic—Part 1

By Paul J. Pastor

“Theology should inform ministry, but if it limits whom you minster to, then you have the wrong theology. Just ask Jesus.”

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Andy Stanley: The Agile Apologetic—Part 2

By Paul J. Pastor

“Our current evangelical approach is becoming less relevant because it makes too many assumptions.”

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The Agile Church - Look Inside the Jan/Feb 2017 Issue

By James P. Long

7 Ways to Get Your Church Moving Again; Maximize Success, Minimize Failure With These 4 Principles of Innovation and Agility; How God's Presence Fuels Our Mission; and the Interview With Andy Stanley on Method and Message

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