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Red Rocks Church
Littleton, CO
Senior PastorShawn Johnson
Growth by #2,381
Growth By %25%
Fastest Growing#4

We exist to make heaven more crowded. We accomplish this by ...

Pursuing God. Making Him Known. Living in Gospel-Centered Community. Serving with Purpose. Multiplying.

At Red Rocks Church, we believe that God has specific plans for every single person! As we begin to establish a relationship with Him, He not only guarantees that we spend eternity in heaven, but He helps us live the best possible lives here and now!

In January of 2005, Red Rocks Church burst into this world without any fanfare and in the most unlikely of places. Who would have picked the back of a run-down theme park to launch a church? Who would have assembled such a diverse group of people to come together as one team? Only God could have conceived such a plan and lead a team to plant in Heritage Square theme park in Golden, Colorado. Little did we realize that this remote location nestled awkwardly next to a fully operational mine and seemingly out of the way of almost everything, would prove to be God's perfect spot for Red Rocks Church. At the time, none of us knew the plans God had for us.

Our Lead Pastor, Shawn Johnson, often says, "Look at what God does," when he gives our annual vision talk. It isn't just talk, but the truth. We thank the entire family of Red Rocks Church who were able to pray, sacrifice, serve, give, and go for the sake of making Heaven more crowded. We are truly one heart, one mind, and united in the purpose God has for us.

The glory and standing ovation go to God, who for whatever purposes has chosen to use Red Rocks Church for such a time as this.

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