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Eagle Brook Church
Centerville, MN
Senior PastorBob Merritt
AffiliationBaptist - Converge Worldwide
Growth by #1,761
Growth By %8%
Fastest Growing#54

We exist to bring people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to draw them into a Christ-centered community and help them grow in their faith. That′s what drives every decision we make and guides every conversation we have. The heart behind everything we do is to reach people for Christ so that lives are transformed.

Eagle Brook is focused on three key areas: providing teaching, music and environments that are relevant to our people and culture; helping people experience transformation; and giving people the opportunity to take ownership of their faith and their church as they grow, give and serve.

Before planning a weekend service, special event or ministry activity, we ask these questions: Is it relevant? Will it change lives? Will it give people the opportunity to take ownership?

We intend to keep following where he leads, reaching more communities for Christ one by one.

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