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Eastside Christian Church
Anaheim, CA
Senior PastorGene Appel
AffiliationChristian - Independent Christian Churches
Growth by #1,979
Growth By %38%
Fastest Growing#2

“I love seeing the power of the gospel to change the lives of people from all walks of life, ethnicities, circumstances and backgrounds—who in turn become change-makers that God uses to transform more lives. It never gets old,” says Senior Pastor Gene Appel. “Eastside recently marked 55 years of pursuing God, building community and unleashing compassion—yet there is so much vision for the future that there’s a pervasive sense that we are just getting started. “How are we growing? That is such a pervasive question that I’d rather answer in sound bites to cover more ground: simple focus on pursuing God through weekend services; building community through small groups and serving; unleashing compassion next door, in our communities and globally; a courageous elder board; a high-caliber executive team; an empowered and gifted staff; spiritual surrender; compelling vision; multiplication mindset; preaching that calls to action; clarity of roles; authentic worship; no ministry silos.”

Gene Appel: The Freedom of Focus

By Paul J. Pastor

“I felt an overwhelming pull—if I'd entrust my life to God, he'd use me to help people get ready for their last day on this planet.”

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Gene Appel: Leading Through Change

By Paul J. Pastor

“When you simplify and clarify your focus, you can bring the entire power of the church to bear on each thing you do.”

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"The Pastor Stood on a Diving Board"—Lessons From a Mystery Visitor

By Mystery Visitor

An unchurched person reports on an unannounced visit to a local church. Could it be yours?

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Eastside Christian Church: No. 2 Fastest-Growing Church, 2017

By Outreach Magazine

"There is so much vision for the future that there’s a pervasive sense that we are just getting started."

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Back to Basics: Eastside Christian Church

By Nadra Kareem Nittle

No. 2 Fastest-Growing: Eastside Christian Church in Southern California Meets Goals via Accountability and Strategy

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